ASTG provides turnkey solutions for measuring impurities in bulk gases.

Gas Analytical Laboratory Services

We maintain Premier Analytical Facilities that process and support your testing needs. Our unique ability to cross-utilize technologies and apply innovative techniques allows us to efficiently develop and validate equipment processes with quick turnaround.

​When you are ready to deploy your new solution, we are there to support you and your business by providing analytics upon start up and commissioning, conducting routine operations, calibrations, and preventative maintenance, or troubleshooting and identifying a streamlined way forward.

Gas System Engineering Services

We engineer customized solutions. Our team is driven by specifically addressing your unique challenges. In our facility, we design, manufacture, and assemble a broad range of tailored solutions from small, specialty-purpose components to large, multi-phase, integrated systems. 

At ASTG, we understand that your facility's floor space is at a premium. There are times when you could benefit from a supplemental lab or stand-alone processing unit. Our team develops portable labs that are completely self-contained and can be directly incorporated into your manufacturing process.


Our team is driven by specifically addressing your unique challenges. We specialize in multiple arenas and would be happy to help find a solution to any issues you may have.

ASTG Major Products - Data Sheets

AirBreather System for BevCO2, Carbon Capture, Sequestration & Transport — AirBreather Systems™ was developed by Analytical Science and Technologies Group, Inc. at the request of one of the world’s largest beverage manufacturers looking to update their gas purity verification system.

Aviator Oxygen AirBreather Analytical System — AirBreather Analytical Systems employs new and unique technologies for quality control, quality assurance, and safety. Complete systems reduce cost of ownership and increase throughput while maintaining a performance envelope superior to any other technology.

Hydrogen Purity — Coming Soon

Semiconductor Gas Purity (Moisture, Oxygen, and Particulates) — GPMS & Portable Carts

Laser & Toxic Gas Storage — Coming Soon

UHP Gas Blender / Divider / Sequencer

Sampling Kits — Coming Soon

Regulators / Purifiers / Sulfur Converter — Coming Soon

Lab Services — Coming Soon

Engineering Support — Coming Soon