Solutions by Industry


Gas Blenders

Explore precision gas mixing with our state-of-the-art UHP Gas Blender System, engineered for a wide range of applications in industries such as semiconductor, laboratory research, food packaging, and more. This versatile and dependable system allows for accurate blending of gases to meet your specific requirements, ensuring consistent and controlled gas compositions.

ASTG-RBS System- The Remote Blending System marries the best feature of a computer-controlled mass flow blending system with the convenience of remote I/O blend modules. The system is divided into two functioning elements- the Control Head and the Dilution I/O®.

Low Pressure Gas Sample Kits

Engineered as portable, non-hazardous solutions for sampling, our low-pressure gas sampling kits are designed to take safe, repeatable samples from any high-pressure liquid or gaseous cryogenic source.

Fixed Gas Detection

ASTG offers an extensive line of fixed gas analytical systems. These systems can be used for spot-checking manufacturing issues to “battery-limit” testing entire facilities. Our systems are designed using Ultra-High Purity Engineering Techniques.

Cryogenic Purifiers

A cryogenic purifier is a device or system designed to separate and purify gases through the use of extremely low temperatures. It utilizes the principles of cryogenics, which involve the cooling of gases to very cold temperatures, often near or below their boiling points. By cooling gases to such low temperatures, impurities and unwanted components can be condensed and separated from the desired gases, allowing for the production of high-purity gases for various industrial and scientific applications.

Gas Sample Distribution Manifold

The flagship gas management system, ASTG can automate your UHP gas analytical systems in the smallest footprint possible in orbitally welded components. Utilizing gas-actuated stainless steel diaphragm valves, manifolds can asynchronously port multiple samples, calibration gases and zero gases throughout your analytical system without fear of cross contamination or leakage. High speed activation legs are included on all systems to insure the fastest, most representative sample possible. This will ensure process and quality control when it’s most critical.

Gas Sample Stream Switching System

Unleash precision and control in your gas management processes with our cutting-edge Gas Stream Selector System. Engineered for efficiency and safety, this system empowers industries with the ability to manage, switch, and control gas streams seamlessly. Whether you're in the realm of industrial manufacturing, research and development, or laboratory operations, our Gas Stream Selector System is your trusted partner for enhanced gas management.

Thermal Converters

This unit is designed to use clean, dry air as an oxidizing gas. The amount and proportion of the gas may be adjusted to maximize converter efficiency. Air should be run at a state of excess relative to the total sulfur content to prevent a limited reaction.