International AirBreather Yearly Service Agreement

International AirBreather Yearly Service Agreement

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International AirBreather Yearly Service Agreement

AirBreather has been a 5-year development process, integrating the needs of the industry and the customer into one, highly responsive analytical system. As a focal point in the gas stream, AirBreather will maintain a safe and continuous gas supply to your bottling lines.

Routine Service: The AirBreather is designed to minimize service calls. Wear items are designed for 1.5-year service life with a 1-year replacement interval.

Service Agreement Includes:

  • Quantity one (1) one-day site visit per year
    • All associated travel costs with these visits
    • All consumable items for 1 year, including:
      • Thermal converter, to be replaced yearly.
      • One set of permeation tubes, filters, and scrubbers.
    • Up to twenty (20) hours of phone and online technical support.
      • Additional remote support hours are available at a contract rate of $100.00 USD per hour.
      • Uninterrupted wired internet connection to the unit is required.
      • Includes quarterly reports of support logs when requested by customer.

Additional Site Support: Any parts or labor not addressed in the above quote will be billed separately.

Additional Tech Support: After allocated 20 hours, additional hours will be billed monthly.

All Service Agreements: Do not include any cost associated with misuse, abuse, or improper operation of the equipment.