Aviator Oxygen AirBreather O2 Analytical System

Aviator Oxygen AirBreather O2 Analytical System

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Aviator Oxygen AirBreather O2 Analytical System

AirBreather Systems™ was developed by ASTG at the request of one of the world’s largest gas manufacturers looking to update their gas purity verification system. 5 years of development, that included 2 years of field trials and 1 year of in-service validation, AirBreather Systems™ was born. A robust, economical, maintenance friendly system, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and proprietary software to provide fast, accurate, readily accessible gas purity verification.

Just like our AirBreather CO2 Analytical Systems, the Aviator Oxygen AirBreather system employs new and unique technologies for quality control, quality assurance, and safety, but comes with the addition of an oxygen analyzer with innovative, ultrasonic gas detection technology, oxygen purity >99.9%. Complete systems reduce cost of ownership and increase throughput while maintaining a performance envelope superior to any other technology.

System Highlights

  • Fastest analytical system in the market
  • Mechanically simple, robust and accurate
  • 1 year service intervals
  • Compressed air support gas
  • Electronic validation & verification
  • Seamless integration into ASTG operating platforms for data collection, trailer testing and remote operations
  • FDA and FSMA 21 CFR Part 11 module available
  • Secure COA™ Certificate of Analysis Module

Analytical Systems Features

  • 40 targeted impurities simultaneously analyzed with the ability to add additional compounds of interest
  • Fully automated computer remote access
  • Touch screen for easy set up & control
  • View real time, historical or diagnostic data with on board data bases
  • Multi-point sampling
  • Built In alarm capability for concentration, flow and diagnostics

Integrated Software

  • Fully automated computer controlled system allows for remote access of data and diagnostics
  • Monitor all critical quality control parameters with visual graphics viewable on dashboard
  • Allows for continuous analysis of multiple locations